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ohh, thank you very much for the recommendations to install a portable software because sometimes I had trouble installing it on my own.


wow, thanks for your advive

Helen Gamboa

Thanks for the advice!
useful to the installation directory and home directory!
to make it better to install ..

Seth Stahlman

Is there a sanctioned procedure for installing on Linux without using the java webstart crap? I want to run this on a system that doesn't connect to the Internet; is there a tarball somewhere one can download, extract, and run from an arbitrary directory?

Michael Gvirtzman


There is currently no Installer for Linux, however you can use any Windows host to install on USB drive (see instructions in the article), then run on Linux using run.sh


Your instructions for install on Linux are crap. Just wrap it all up into a jar then it can run on anything. Java is cross-platform, you should NOT need windoze to use it any way, shape, or form. Get a clue!

Michael Gvirtzman


It would be possible to combine to one jar file GRO and Apache licenced libraries GRO uses, but not LGPL licenced libraries that are also in use (such as SwingX).

LGPL licence requires that another library already present on customer computer with the same name should be usable.


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